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Faces with no faces

Considering my drawings, I can't help noticing that despite my pro-“individual” speeches, I populate my papers with featureless faces, inhumane bodies, lacking a precise personality and at the same time expressing colored, explosive messages, in a strong way. Quite often, the faces with no faces occupy central locations and tell their story without a trace of shyness, in a specially designated space, with all the necessary adornments that make them appear glamorous. The human with no distinctive figure can mean anything, in the end. This makes it easier for me, too, because I'm spared of the effort of marking all “da Vinci” details of a portrait, drawing each wrinkle, concentrating all soul into someone's eyes. Not even dressing up my atypical, impossibly and for the sake of my pencil contorted nudes is required. There's no obsessive feeling for correctitude or measure in a universe whose potentiality gives freedom instead of constraint; the more impossible, the more flexible… Marking the figure even with the tiniest sign (an eye of a certain color, let's say!) reduces the chances of a character to become anything. “Anyone” is more than “someone” in this case. Being “someone” you stop being “anybody” and you limit yourself; it happens so that there is a common wish in all celebrities (having an exact status) to recede into anonymity at least occasionally or chameleonically like, to change their “colors”. We often imagine living lives that do not belong to us. Others' lives experiences seem more appealing. Mimeographs, twins, clones… However, an “Elvis festival” is a sad image. Why don't we try to imitate ourselves, if we keep copying anyhow? Always wanting to be exceptional, we give up being “nobodies” (ourselves) for the sake of some en masse / en gross manufactured and multiplied idols. We dream becoming shadows of several faces that daily appear in print and whose uniqueness gets obsolete with each multiplication. At the classical question “who is your role model?”, we should answer, smiling boldly: “me”, “us”, “nobody”. There is no way we can all be a species of Marilyns and Beckhams.

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